Vision and Mission

Since the last decades of the Twentieth Century, God has been graciously blessing the gospel and mission work in China and among the Chinese communities worldwide. In North America and Asia, there are many Christians who are willing to commit themselves to serve God in the gospel ministry. They need to be well equipped in the Bible, in spirituality, in ministerial skills and in mission work through an advanced and practical seminary education. America Chinese Evangelical Seminary (ACES) to prepare men and women to dedicate themselves for God’s kingdom and to obey the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The goals of ACES are as follows:

  • To build up spiritually mature Christians as the Lord's servants
  • To equip Christians for ministry in mission fields in China and overseas
  • To equip good shepherds and Bible teachers for local church ministries
  • To do research and publish books, produce tapes and CDs related to Christian Education, Bible study, Theology, Church growth, Mission, etc.

America Chinese Evangelical Seminary is a non-profit Christian organization incorporated under the laws of the State of California. ACES is authorized under U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to issue I-20 to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Location and Facilities


America Chinese Evangelical Seminary is located south of San Francisco in Sunnyvale, California. Sunnyvale is situated in the center of the Silicon Valley. There are many high-tech companies and shopping malls in the city, and traffic is convenient. Routes 101 and 237 provide easy access to other areas of the Bay Area. It takes 30 minutes to get to the San Francisco International Airport, and 15 minutes to the San Jose International Airport.

The Seminary is on Stewart Drive. Its floor area is 7,300 square feet, which includes offices, chapel hall, library, classrooms, electronic keyboard classroom and kitchen. There are more than 100 parking spaces outside the building complex. The library holds a collection of about 10,000 volumes, with more to be added. Due to the convenient location, students and faculty can apply, at no cost, for user cards at the City Library of Santa Clara, and enjoy borrowing privileges of the Santa Clara University library nearby. Students can also access the library of the Stanford University and St. Patrick Seminary with a user fee.

ACES has dormitories for students, both single and with family.

Address﹕850 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


Since 2018 summer, the Seminary has been collaborating with the Luke Christian Medial Mission and set up a medical and community involvement project in the slum area of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Students can participate in the project to fulfill the requirements of mission internship of their study programs. Students who go may apply for financial aid from the Seminary.


ACES curriculum is designed to facilitate character formation and spiritual growth. Throughout the entire program of their study, all students will have to attend all assembly meetings and school activities. Each student will be assigned to a small group. The small group consists of a faculty member and students, who will meet regularly for discipleship and community life. All students will enroll mission mentorship and pastoral mentorship courses for credits. Seasoned missionaries and pastors will share and give counsel during the sessions. The curriculum is designed to emphasize application, so there are ample requirements for internship. Faculty and students will go on mission trips together. Besides studying the Bible in depth, all students will learn to lead Bible study and deliver expository preaching.

Class Format

Classes are normally held during weekday mornings, evenings and Saturdays. Moreover, there will be intensive courses. courses will be offered in two-year cycles. There are four terms in one year, and students can begin their program of study in any of the four terms. ACES records each credit learning by the semester hour, which represents 40-45 hours of classroom instruction, assigned readings, academic research and field practice. Normally, a 2-credit course consists of twenty-four hours of classroom instruction including breaks, and a 3-credit course consists of thirty-six hours of classroom instruction including breaks. For each hour in class, students should anticipate studying approximately two to three hours outside of class, including academic research for the assignments.

Student Life

Life and Community:
Students must attend the seminary’s activities which include assembly meetings, annual dinner, commencement, choir practice, annual clean up and orientations. Students will have to learn to be a member of the seminary community, putting the community above themselves, serving others and submitting to authority.

Assembly and Small Group:
Students must attend assembly meetings. The faculty will share and preach in the assembly, and students will participate in leading worship. Students will be assigned a small group with a faculty member. Small groups meet regularly for prayer, sharing, counseling, discipleship, retreat and other activities. All students must attend small group meetings for credit.

The Student Council:
The Student Council is a bridge between the student body and the seminary administration. The Council is constitutionally organized by the student body, and is administratively and financially independent. The Seminary annually appoints officers to the Council cabinet. The Council is responsible for helping new students to settle down in California upon arrival. The Council is also responsible for organizing extra-curricular activities that foster social bonds, and promote the students’ well-being. All degree program students are members of the Council and will pay annual membership fees. The Seminary administration appoints an advisor to the Student Council to facilitate communication between the student body and the Seminary.

Health Insurance & Accommodation:
All students are required to purchase health insurance coverage, and be responsible for their own medical and hospitalization expenses. International students can apply for living in the dormitories. Priority is given to new students, second year students may need to be relocated. If there is no vacancy, students are responsible for their own accommodation.


America Chinese Evangelical Seminary
Dr. Emmanuel Hung (President)Dr. Abel FongRev. Andy ChingDr. Edward LeeProf. Lois NgProf. Judy Pang
Prof. MeiJie CuiProf. JiMing ChengProf. Ann LoProf. Nancy ChoyDr. Agnes IpProf. George Hsu
Dr. Jeremy SinProf. Jerry Cheng
International Fellowship of Christian Short-term Mission
Pastor WenJian FanPastor HuiLing Liang
UChannel TV
Prof. Liam YanProf. Min Zhou
Chinese Christian Church Music Institue of Worship
Prof. Peggy LinDr. Florence MoProf. Jane Hao

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